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#AxeDrax protest flier (Biofuelwatch)

Biomass FAQs (Biofuelwatch)


Climate science/ Climate impacts

Thank you to Amin Ali for designing this logo

Thank you to Amin for designing this logo

The Carbon Brief blogs (Climate science & Climate policy)

Friends of the Earth Climate Change News

Tipping Point declaration (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

Planetary boundaries workshop notes (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

Daily record of atmospheric carbon dioxide from Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Climate Impacts by Country (

Professor  Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre paper, lecture, FoE clip

IPCC AR 5 Working group 1 (Sep 2013): The Physical Science Basis

IPCC AR5 WG 1 Headline statements

IPCC AR5 WG 1 Summary for Policymakers

The Carbon Brief: Guide

IPCC AR 5 Working group 2 (March 2014): Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

IPCC AR5 WG 2 Summary for Policymakers

The Carbon Brief: Summary for Everyone 

FoE Briefing: Ten environmental injustices

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice: More poverty, less food

IPCC AR 5 Working group 3 (April 2014): Mitigation of Climate Change

IPCC AR5 WG 3 Summary for Policymakers  Note: the summary represents the scientists’ findings as filtered through governmental negotiation. Reference to wealth being transferred from rich to poor nations, the rise in emissions from upper middle income countries and indirect land use change relating to biofuels were removed from the summary.

The Carbon Brief: Main Messages

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice: Global Emergency

Vigil 2016 Break-out activity Climate Impacts headines (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change Red Lines Vigil 2016)



Coal Action Network: ‘The Global Mining Impacts of the UK’s addiction to Coal’ Ditch coal




"Clean Energy 2030" Vigil, 10/05/13

Zero Carbon Britain 2030 – Rethinking the Future (Centre for Alternative Technology)

How we can reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030.

A plan for Clean British Energy (Powering the UK with renewables – and without nuclear) (Friends of the Earth)

How we can develop renewables to virtually decarbonise electricity generation by 2030


Divestment/ Fossil-free Carbon Capital cocktail bar stunt 2

‘The Burning Question’ (Authors: Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark)

‘Unburnable Carbon- are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble?’ (The Carbon Tracker Initiative)

‘Point of No Return’ (Greenpeace)

Bill McKibben’s Rolling Stone article

The Sky’s Limit (Sep 2016) Oil Change International

“If the world is serious about achieving the goals agreed in Paris, governments have to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry. The industry has enough carbon in the pipeline – today – to break through the sky’s limit.”

“Continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry is now quite clearly and quantifiably climate denial. Subsidizing or permitting or profiting off of the expansion of the fossil fuel industry is now clearly the moral equivalent of selling cigarettes in a cancer ward.”

Stephen Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International


Energy prices

Citizen’s Advice Bureau: ‘Raising Standards, Cutting Bills’ Energy Bill Revolution stall and stunt 7

The Energy Bill – Decarbonising power by 2030 (Friends of the Earth)

How rising gas prices have been, and will continue to be, the largest cause of energy bill increases.

The real solution to rocketing energy bills (Friends of the Earth)

How our reckless dependence on polluting gas and the appalling state of our heat-leaking housing stock have led to rocketing energy bills.

Unison: ‘Warm Homes into the Future’


(See also Keep them in the Ground 2016 Further reading on Campaigns page)

Fracking Myths and Facts leaflet (Frack free Ryedale)

Barton Moss solidarity March Dec 2013 4

Unconventional, unnecessary and unwanted – Why fracking for shale gas is a gamble the UK does not need to take    (Friends of the Earth)

The case against fracking – overhyped, unnecessary and dangerous (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

The Frack Files (New Internationalist)

PCS ‘No to fracking, Yes to one million climate jobs’ leaflet (PCS Union)

UK international commitments on climate change incompatible with the development of a national shale gas industry  (Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre)

The Fracking Web of Power (WDM)

Union motions against fracking

Making a Better Job of it (Jan 2015) Friends of the Earth

Why renewables and energy efficiency are better for jobs than fracking


Government Backtracking on Climate Policy

Vigil 2016 Break-out activity Timeline of government backtracking (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change Red Lines Vigil 2016)


Green Economy

(See also Economy 2016 Further reading on Campaigns page)

One Million Climate Jobs (Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group)2013-01-01 00.00.00-814

How a million climate jobs could cut emissions by 80% by 2030 and solve the economic and environmental crises

PCS One Million Climate Jobs leaflet (PCS Union)

Vigil 2016 Break-out activity The surge in clean energy across the world (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change Red Lines Vigil 2016)



State of Nature UK Report (Sep 2016) co-publication of 25 UK conservation and research organisations


2015 09 05 Action for railAction for Rail: ‘Rebuilding Rail’

Alliance for Jobs and Climate: ‘Climate and Railways’ briefing

CRESC ‘The Great Train Robbery’


Action for Rail

All on Board (Compass)

Bring Back British Rail

Campaign for Better Transport

We Own It



(See also Keep them in the Ground 2016 Further reading on Campaigns page)

Stop TTIP (1)

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Briefing: TTIP: A Box of Tricks for Corporate Climate Criminals (Corporate Europe Observatory)

Global Justice Now: TTIP campaign briefing – ‘ How the EU-US deal threatens people and planet’

Global Justice Now’s TTIP briefing for local authorities

TTIP presentation (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

multiple choice questionnaire (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

CETA multiple choice quiz & answers (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition effective from 1 Feb 2016 (can be tailored for campaigns in other local authorities: Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change/ GJN e-petition)

Update on TTIP developments June 2016 (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

Newspaper: #NoTTIP times (#noTTIP)

Introductory leaflet: Democracy for Sale (War on Want)

Further reading and videos from War on Want

Booklet: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (2015 Update) (Rosa Luxemburg Institute)


UN Climate Talks

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Paris miracle or disaster (Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change)

The Paris Agreement (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)