Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change’s current planned events & actions for its three campaign strands (ECO-nomy 2017; Keep them in the Ground 2017; Natural Health Service) include:

A) Reclaim the Power’s Carnival for a Renewable Future

Friday, 28th July, Preston New Road between Preston and Blackpool in Lancashire

This summer, as Cuadrilla gets nearer to trying to drill, Reclaim the Power is joining the frontline struggle in Lancashire to support and reinforce the amazing local resistance by organising a rolling resistance. Reclaim the Power is inviting others to join.

Along with five-day waves of training, workshops and support to take creative action against Cuadrilla and the fracking supply chain, each Friday during July there will be a mass demo/action day with the aim to get large numbers of people to attend the site.  (More details on the timetable of rolling resistance and Friday mass demos.)

We will be attending the fourth of these Friday demos: Carnival for a Renewable Future.

If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch by 6 p.m. Tuesday 25th July and we’ll let you know our travel plans and tell you what we plan to do there.

PNR has been the scene of daily protests since the beginning of construction work in early January. You can read about the protests on Tina Rothery’s blog and actions we have done to support the local resistance by searching “Preston” on our website search tool.


As further events are planned, details will be posted.


Please email for more information