Looking forward to Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change’s new decade – Our new ways of working over the next twelve months (to Aug 2019)…

September 2018 – Please note: we anticipate, at most, updating the website on a more occasional basis over the next twelve months (further details below).

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change marked its tenth anniversary over the summer.

We’re really grateful to everyone who has worked with, or supported us, whether that be helping us with a stall or other action, attending one of our events, donating funds or supporting our joint letters or petitions.  Thank you!

We think it’s healthy to reflect on the ways in which we work and adapt to new contexts and this anniversary is a good milestone to do this.

There have been many changes in the past ten years both in terms of climate change and in terms of local action. In the past ten years we’ve seen the Copenhagen climate disaster and the Paris partial success, new coal in the UK being defeated and the fracking threat being resisted, the Climate Act coming into effect and a third runway at Heathrow being stopped, only to re-emerge recently as a threat.

Activism in Huddersfield has also changed for the better. In the past ten years we’ve seen a new Holmfirth Transition Town, a new Huddersfield Friends of the Earth and a new Huddersfield Greenpeace group as well as local divestment groups– with a wider range of projects, actions, film screening and speaker events on offer to Huddersfield residents.

Adapting to the changing context of resistance to fossil fuels and the changing context of activism in Huddersfield, we’d like to have a new approach over the next twelve months.

Over the next twelve months, we will not be producing the Fortnightly News. Please be aware that we won’t be promoting events by other local groups in this period. We may send out occasional specific messages to supporters. We may decide to send this to our entire email list or to send a message to a smaller group for whom it is relevant (e.g. a message about Drax activism to those who have joined us for Drax activism in the past two years). We will be not be updating our website or will be updating it on a more occasional basis over the next twelve months. We’ll still be using our email but perhaps accessing it a bit less frequently. You should still expect a reply from us within a week.

During the next twelve months, we will reflect on whether we wish to return to these forms of communication from September 2019 onwards.

We have also decided not to organise any more speaker events or film screenings. In recent months and years the attendance at these events has declined so they aren’t really financially viable anymore.  We’ve also decided that they’re risky in terms of the potential impact of low numbers on speakers and, in general, have become less worth the investment of time and energy than they had been a few years ago. As we’ve said before, our local area has a number of environmental groups who screen films and organise speaker events so we’d encourage people to support these.

We will, of course, continue to take action. We will continue to support regional struggles against the fossil fuel industry – particularly fracking- and look forward to supporting other social justice and environmental campaigns and projects locally, regionally and nationally.

Please get in touch (kirkleesccc@hotmail.co.uk) if you have any questions about this.

The struggle continues.

Thank you and best wishes!

Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change