People and Planet First! Unwelcoming Trump: Huddersfield & London, 12-13 July

President Trump made his first UK visit as US President and hundreds of thousands of people told him his toxic blend of racism, sexism, corporate cronyism and climate denial was not welcome in this country.  We were proud to join them.

The first wave of protests began as Trump flew into the UK on Thursday 12th July. Those centred on the US ambassador’s residence in London and Blenheim Palace but also involved protests across the country – in Newcastle, Cambridge, Bristol, Portsmouth and here, in Huddersfield.

We were pleased to work with Kirklees Stand Up to Racism and Huddersfield TUC in building the Kirklees Together Against Trump protest. Dozens of people came to listen to speakers and to celebrate what Kirklees stands for: a just, tolerant, diverse, peaceful and sustainable world (text of KCCC People and planet first speech).

Thanks to Adrian for this photo

On 13th July we joined the Carnival of Resistance in London. The protest was awesome. An estimated quarter of a million people attended – on a week day. Together they achieved something remarkable – a show of people power and defiance and a celebration of respect for people and planet (Media coverage).

Costumes, artwork and home-made placards were everywhere and chants, choirs and brass bands filled the air.

We provided a piece of street theatre on Regent Street dressed as Theresa May and Donald Trump. We depicted them as members of the Fossil Fools Party – drawing the connections between their fossil fuel agendas.

We weren’t the only environmental protesters. The Campaign Against Climate Change’s ‘Trump Climate Disaster’ placards were widespread, as were Friends of the Earth’s ‘Make the Planet Great Again’ T shirts.

Many climate activists were protesting against Trump’s denial of climate science, his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, his slashing of regulations to reduce emissions from power stations and his cuts to climate research budgets (read more about this). 

On 12th July Campaign Against Climate Change did a banner drop on the embankment opposite Parliament stating that ‘Trump = Climate Genocide’. Unite Community activists displayed a banner on a bridge near the US embassy stating ‘Unite against Trump’s Climate Chaos: Fight for Climate Justice and Jobs’.

On 14th July Greenpeace flew a paraglider trailing a banner stating ‘Trump – Well below par’ to within 100 metres of Trump on his Turnberry golf course in Scotland.

Scotland continued the protests into the weekend, with thousands attending a demonstration in Edinburgh on 14th July.

Trump few off to meet Putin on Monday 16th July. The UK can be proud of its response to him. Ordinary people came out to oppose him but, perhaps more importantly, they reminded themselves what our society, at its best, stands for and is capable of.




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