“Royal Opera House: Cut ties with toxic BP!” BP Big Screens protest

(Thanks to Amin for photography.)

Our protest at the BP Big Screens event in Bradford last Friday was very successful.

The Royal Opera House accepts sponsorship from BP. Any arts organisation that accepts funding from a fossil fuel company is publicly endorsing that company.  BP should not be publicly endorsed in light of its responsibility for environmental disasters, links with regimes accused of human rights abuses and obstruction on climate progress.

You can read full analysis of the what’s wrong with ‘artwash’, what the alternative is and what we can do about it on our flier.

The protest involved our ‘decontamination team’ fliering and having conversations with the public before the show.

Once the show started we held a banner protest, displaying our new ‘Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground’ banner.

The event was timely. It came just four days after the publication of the Carbon Majors report. This showed that 71% of total emissions have been produced by 100 companies and that BP was in 11th position in that ranking.

It also came less than a month after Culture Unstained’s new report: ‘Bad Company: BP, human rights and corporate crimes’.

If you’d like to take action, please sign the e-petition for fossil-free opera.



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