Positive meeting with newly elected MP Thelma Walker

UPDATED 03/09/2017: 2017 08 24 Response from BEIS to Thelma Walker MP re Climate Coalition

We had a positive meeting with Thelma Walker, the newly elected MP for the Colne Valley constituency.

The meeting was in support of the Climate Coalition’s ‘Speak Up’ Week of Action. People across the country met with recently elected and re-elected MPs to speak up to help protect the things they love most from climate change. Read more about this.

In particular, people have asked their MPs to write to the Prime Minister to ask her to:

Reaffirm the UK’s role as a global leader, working with international allies to fully implement the Paris Agreement.


Ensure all government departments work together to produce an ambitious emissions reduction plan that will meet the Climate Change Act targets.

Furthermore, we supported the Climate Coalition’s view that the emissions reduction plan needs to:

  • unlock local and community energy,
  • cut energy waste in homes and
  • tackle emissions and air pollution from vehicles.

You can read more about this in the MPs’ briefing for the Week of Action (pages 14-15). of this document.

We were really pleased with how supportive Thelma Walker was. She will be writing to Theresa May on our behalf this month.

The Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan was due in late 2016 but still has not been published. This has caused alarm among politicians, industry bodies, the Committee on Climate Change and the wider public. Read more about these issues.



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