‘No Coalition of Climate Chaos!’ – we joined the People’s Assembly Against Austerity National Demonstration in London


We joined thousands of people at the “Tories Out / Not One Day More” National Demonstration in London on 1st July.

We wanted to say ‘No Coalition of Climate Chaos’ to Theresa May, just a few days after the confidence and supply deal with the DUP was agreed.

As George Monbiot stated last month, “The DUP is stuffed with climate change deniers, homophobes and misogynists. May’s alliance is a dishonourable coalition of chaos.” 

DUP’s former environment minister, Sammy Wilson, described global warming as a ‘con’. He has lauded the benefits of fracking and described Barack Obama’s attempts to promote clean energy as ‘mad’.

Sammy Wilson said that “The Paris Agreement itself is a delusion … So pulling out of the agreement, which was only a piece of window dressing for climate chancers who wished to pretend that they were doing something about an issue which they can’t affect anyhow, is not the disaster which the green lefties are getting hysterical about.” 

Not surprisingly, he deemed Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement as ‘very wise’.

But it’s not just Sammy Wilson who opposes climate action. The DUP as a whole has blocked progress on climate change. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK not to have passed legislation designed to cut emissions. Its recent manifesto did not mention ‘climate change’, ‘environment’ or ‘global warming’ once.

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The views of DUP are alarming enough. What’s even more alarming is how they find an echo in some parts of the Conservative Party and a part which is becoming more dominant since Brexit and since Trump’s victory.

Theresa May has done nothing to reverse Government backtracking on climate in 2015-16 and indeed abolished the DECC. Her trusted advisor Nick Timothy described the UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act as a “monstrous act of self-harm”.

Their 2017 manifesto proposed changes to the law to make exploratory drilling for fracking easier and to promote a shale gas ‘revolution’. This policy did not appear in the recent Queen’s Speech and appears to have been ditched – but this will not signal a retreat on fracking.

This alarm has been reinforced by the appointment of Michael Gove as the new Conservative Environment Minister. Caroline Lucas said: ‘It is hard to think of many politicians as ill-equipped for the role of Environment Secretary as Mr Gove. His record of voting against measures to halt climate change and his attempt to wipe the subject from our children’s curriculum show him entirely unfit to lead our country in tackling one of the greatest threats we face’.

Michael Gove’s ex-colleague in the cabinet, Ed Davey echoed these concerns. He stated that “Gove’s appointment is a threat to the British fight against climate change. Uniquely for a cabinet minister, Gove turned the word “expert” into a snarling insult. Truly, Donald Trump would have been proud.”

Davey analysed Gove’s track record in playing to the climate sceptic audience, undermining Amber Rudd’s attendance at UN conferences and trying to remove climate change from the curriculum.

The demonstration had the air of a joyfully defiant carnival featuring music, costume and music. It added to the pressure and the Government disarray amid reports of a Cabinet rebellion over austerity and condemnation of the DUP deal by Conservative MPs.

You can read further coverage of the demonstration here and here.




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