March for Climate, Justice, Jobs & Health connects with Huddersfield NHS March

(Thanks to Jeff and Amin for photos.)

Many thanks to the 30+ people who joined the Huddersfield March for Climate, Justice, Jobs & Health on Saturday 29th April.

The event was our contribution to the global wave of demonstrations to protest against Donald Trump as he reached his 100 days’ landmark.

We wanted to show solidarity with the people of America and to protest against Trump’s racism, his misogyny and threat to reproductive rights, his corporate cronyism, his attack on healthcare and his climate denial and fossil fuel agenda. Finally, we wanted to connect our UK struggles with the resistance in America.

Speakers included representatives of Kirklees Stand Up to Racism, the SWP and the Labour Party.

The march made its way from Nelson Mandela Corner to Market Place, the site of four anti-Trump protests in the past 100 days organised by Kirklees Stand Up to Racism and previous protests against the financing of fossil fuel projects in the US by the banks in or near Market Place.

From there we fed into Huddersfield TUC’s March for the NHS.

We were really pleased to support this march: to oppose cuts, closures and privatisation in the NHS and to Save Huddersfield A&E.


In our speech at the closing rally, we were pleased to draw connections between the NHS march and the global protests happening against Trump and between the struggle for a strong health service and the struggle for a safe climate and healthy environment. Finally, were pleased to salute Huddersfield TUC and the Hands Off HRI campaign and to thank them for their work.

Thank you to all the different groups who contributed to the event and promoted the event – in particular Colne Valley Labour, Hands Off HRI, Huddersfield Friends of the Earth, Huddersfield Greenpeace, Huddersfield TUC, Kirklees Stand Up to Racism and Kirklees SWP.

Video footage of the Huddersfield March for Climate, Justice, Jobs & Health

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