‘Science not Silence’: we join the global wave of protest

We joined thousands of others at the March for Science in London as part of a global wave of protests at the political assault on facts.

The slogans ‘Science not Silence’ were carried in over 600 marches including Sydney, Berlin, Vienna, London and, of course, Washington.

The event coincided with Earth Day and came days before Trump’s 100 day milestone. It preceded by one week the second wave of Climate, Justice and Jobs protests.

The London event was colourful and good natured, with many of the marchers professional or student scientists marching for the first time in their lives. Even Doctor Who, aka Peter Capaldi  turned up!

Some of the placards were inspired!

Chants included:

What do we want?


When do we want it?

After it’s peer reviewed!

We re-created our ‘First Step Brexit, Next Step Clexit’ stunt to send off the marchers at the beginning of the rally. You can read about the nexus of nationalism, neo-liberalism and climate denial and its centre of operations at 55 Tufton Street in our earlier webstory.

It was good to see in the crowd a number of Campaign Against Climate Change placards about Trump and fliers promoting the London march on 29 April.

The march made its way to Westminster, ending at Parliament Square for speeches.

We gave out more copies of our flier before one final re-creation of the Farage/ Trump stunt at 55 Tufton Street itself, just a few metres from Parliament.

One week from now we’ll be marching in Huddersfield for the March for Climate, Justice, Jobs and Health in Huddersfield.

“Attacks on science don’t just hurt scientists, they hurt scientists’ ability to protect the people, and climate change epitomizes that. When politicians cater to fossil fuel interests by denying the basic realities of climate science and pursuing anti-science climate policy, they endanger the jobs, justice, and livelihoods of ordinary people everywhere.”

Dr Geoffrey Supran, an expert in renewable energy at Harvard University.

Further media coverage on the BBC website and in the Guardian.



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