Take action urgently: Contact your MP about Clean Growth Plan delays

URGENT ACTION (see bold text below)

Hundreds of people across the UK took part in the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up Week of Action in October 2016.

One of the key asks of that week was that MPs write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ask him to publish an ambitious low-carbon investment plan to transform the economy in line with the Climate Change Act.

The MP’s briefing that the Climate Coalition produced for the Speak Up Week of Action states,The Government has promised a new “Emissions Reduction Plan” with new policies to transform the economy in line with the Climate Change Act.”

We are concerned that the Government has still not published the ‘Emissions Reduction Plan,’ otherwise know as the ‘Clean Growth Plan.’

According to the Independent on 27th March, “the Emissions Reduction Plan, was supposed to be published last year. In January, the Climate Change Minister Nick Hurd said it would be ready by the end of March, but the Government later refused to stand by this deadline. ClientEarth, a group of environmental legal activists, has threatened to sue the Government for breaking its own laws if the delay continues.”

We believe that publishing and acting on this plan should be made a priority. Not only will it help us to achieve essential reductions in carbon emissions, but it will also create jobs, boost the economy and improve health. We share the views of the CEOs of thirty businesses and organisations about the benefits of a Clean Growth Plan in the area of energy efficiency expressed in a letter to Secretary of State for BEIS on 27 March.

Please write as a matter of urgency to your MP to ask them to:

  1. a) Let you know if they agree that the Government should publish the ‘Emissions Reduction Plan’/ ‘Clean Growth Plan’ as soon possible AND
  2. b) Write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to find out when the Government plans to publish the ‘Emissions Reduction Plan’ / ‘Clean Growth Plan’ and let you know what that date is.

You may find this template letter useful (Letter to MP about the Clean Growth Plan delays).

Please note that now a General Election has been called (and assuming Parliament confirms that, which seems inevitable), major policy announcements will soon be banned (purdah – the period before a general election when central and local government is barred from making major policy announcements) and consequently the Clean Growth Plan is likely to be delayed again.

Please ask your MP to reply as a matter of urgency given that purdah could begin in a matter of days.

Please post or email your letter directly to your MP providing your full name and address. (If you google your MP’s name you can find their postal address and email address)

Please share this with your networks.



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