Take action on 13/04/17: Drax AGM Demo in York

Drax is the world’s biggest biomass power station, the UK’s biggest coal fired power station, and the UK’s biggest single emitter of greenhouse gasses. Now Drax is even getting involved in gas!

On Thursday 13th April there will be a protest outside the Drax AGM at The Royal York Hotel (currently changing its name to The Principle York).

Some of us will be travelling from Huddersfield to the York demo – which has been organised by Biofuelwatch and Coal Action Network. We will be catching the 9.46 a.m.  to York, arriving at 10.36. Please note: We plan to leave at about 12.30pm due to other commitments but the protest is scheduled to continue until 2pm. Feel free to join us spontaneously on the day but if you’d like to be kept informed of any changes or cancellations please email us your mobile number by 12pm on Tuesday 11th April.

Further information from Coal Action Network webpage (See also CAN’s Facebook page for the event)

At Drax’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) we will be protesting outside of The Royal York Hotel York where Drax’s shareholders are meeting.

The York demo will take place at from 10.30pm until 2pm, 13th April 2017. We will be having a photo call at 1pm, so if you can’t make the whole thing, the latter part only is great.  The hotel is currently in the process of changing its name to The Principle York. It is very close to York train station and we recommend that you travel by train, bike or on foot.

Drax power station is a dangerous waste of bill payers’ money, receiving £1.5 million in subsidies every day to destroy forests and contribute to climate change.

Why are we targeting Drax?

Every year, there are 590 premature deaths due to air pollution from Drax Power Station.

Three units burn coal from UK opencasts as well as opencast and underground mines in Russia, Colombia (including Cerrejon coal mine) and the USA. The other three units burn trees from Canada, the Baltic States and the southern states of the USA.

In return for trashing forests and digging up communities, Drax is receiving massive subsidies when it should have been closed down years ago. Drax received £584 million of public money in 2016 – that’s over £1.5 million every day!

If this wasn’t bad enough, Drax is now investing in four new gas-fired power stations. Perhaps hoping to capitalise on fracking in the North?

Enough is enough!

We want public money to go towards investment in true public services, like the NHS, social care and schools, not this forest, communities and climate-wrecking scheme. The government needs to support REAL renewable energy like solar, wind, tidal and invest in home insulation. We demand decent jobs which will give us a healthy environment and a sustainable future for our children. Dirty energy companies and the government must start a meaningful dialogue with the unions and their workers to ensure they are moved into highly skilled work which benefits their families and the planet.

For more info on the campaign against Drax power station, Selby, Yorkshire, see Biofuelwatch’s Drax factsheet



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