Taking the ‘Resist Clexit’ and ‘Climate refugees welcome’ messages to the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ National Demonstration

We were happy to be part of Saturday’s powerful ‘Stand Up to Racism’ protest in London. 

The demonstration was a focus for protest about refugee and asylum policy, islamophobia, anti-semitism, some aspects of Brexit and Trump and the alt-right. The Campaign against Climate Change also organised a Climate Refugees bloc.

The London event was attended by about 30,000 people, which was about double the number for the 2016 demonstration. Thanks go to Kirklees Stand Up to Racism for organising the coach down.

The demo was the first outing a new stunt we’ve organised which puts a spotlight on a network of groups based at 55 Tufton Street that pushed (successfully) for Brexit, and continues to push for free-market policies and for Clexit or Climate Exit.


To find out more about the issues involved you can read:

Climate refugees:

Recent blog from Friends of the Earth and Suzanne Jeffery and Asad Rehman’s letter to the Guardian


Resist US Climate Exit, Challenge UK Clexiteers

Media coverage:

http://www.standuptoracism.org.uk/30000-join-march-racism-london/ (includes links to coverage in the Evening Standard, Guardian, Independent and Mirror)

Stand up to Racism video



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