We joined the ‘Fight the Frack’ national demonstration with our ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ message


We were pleased to join hundreds of others at the ‘Fight the Frack’ national demonstration in Lancashire on 25th February.

It was a strong show of support for the on-going protest and rolling blockade against Cuadrilla’s construction work at Preston New Road.


The protest came just days after another major lock-on disrupted operations and after a third contractor pulled out.

As before, we wanted to share the message of opposition to fracking and promotion of the clean energy alternative.

The One Million Climate Jobs campaign outlines how we could create many more jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transport – without causing harm to people or planet. (It focuses on fracking in the North West on pages 60-64.)


Friends of the Earth’s ‘Making a Better Job of it’ report compares the job creation potential of fracking and clean energy in the North West. The report found that Cuadrilla’s plans would create 11 jobs whilst clean energy would create 24,000 jobs in the North West.


Several hours of rousing speeches, music and cake sales at Maple Farm were accompanied by a roadside protest.  



Among the speakers was Martin Empson from the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group who praised the resistance of Lancashire Proctectors and identified Preston New Road as part of the front line against fossil fuel capitalism that stretched across the world, taking in arctic communities and Standing Rock.  He made connections between the anti-fracking struggle and the wider struggle against right-wing politics at home and abroad and recommended the One Million Climate Jobs report as an essential part of resistance to fossil fuel capitalism.


Following this there was a march to the construction site, a blessing of the water ceremony and attempt by some to breach the perimeter fence. The event ended with a huge fabric red line being stretched out along the road to represent the way in which fracking represents the crossing of a red line on climate change.



The struggle against fracking will continue at Preston New Road. You can read activist Tina Rothery’s daily accounts of the roadside protests on her blog.


Media coverage of the event:

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