Europe’s first Climate Refugees Conference held in London


We attended Europe’s first Climate Refugees Conference in London at the weekend. It was a great success with all tickets sold and a strong set of speakers and workshops.

It could hardly have been more timely, coming hard on the heels of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, the confirmation three weeks earlier that 2016 had been the warmest year on record (and probably in 120,000 years) and the UK Government’s announcement on Thursday that it would be reneging on its promise to take in three thousand child refugees.

The conference was supported by trade unions and environmental, refugee and human rights campaigns. It included expert briefings and new evidence of the impact of climate change on human security. It aimed to dispel myths about refugees, debate the need for the need for a global response based on justice and solidarity including the need for legal protection for those being displaced by the climate crisis, and discuss how we can build a powerful movement that can demand stronger government leadership on this fundamental issue.

The Campaign Against Climate Change will put the videos and information from the day on its website.

We’ll be joining the Climate Refugees bloc at the Stand Up to Racism demonstration on 18th March. Join us! 

To find out more about the issues involved you can read this recent blog from Friends of the Earth and Suzanne Jeffery and Asad Rehman’s letter to the Guardian.



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