Take action on 20/01/17: Protest Trump’s Inauguration – ‘Stand Up to Racism’ protest (4.30pm) and ‘Bridges Not Walls’ morning action (8am-9.30am)



On 20th January, people in Huddersfield will be protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration.

From 4.30pm, people will be joining the Huddersfield ‘Stand Up to Racism’ event in Market Place, Huddersfield. Please join us at this event.

As Stand Up to Racism says, “The most powerful elected official in the world will also now be a climate change denier, posing a direct threat to the survival of large swathes of humanity as global temperatures threaten to cause climate chaos. The effects of a Trump presidency is set to be felt all over the world as racism and sexism is normalised through the voice of one of the most powerful and visible figures in the world, and progress on CO2 emissions targets dashed as one of the world’s largest emitters refuses to accept there is a problem.

In the morning, activists will be organising a separate action in Huddersfield. If you can only support one action, please join the Huddersfield ‘Stand Up to Racism’ event at 4.30pm. But if you’re free in the morning as well, please join us for our ‘Bridges Not Walls’ event in Market Place.

From 8am-9.30am, we will be taking a home-made bridge to Market Place for our ‘Bridges Not Walls’ message.

We’re doing this to support the ‘Bridges Not Walls’ initiative, which will see multiple banner drops at iconic bridges around the world.


We will also be giving fliers to the public to raise awareness of ‘Stand Up to Racism’ event at 4.30pm and calling on banks in and around Market Place (RBS, Barclays and HSBC) to divest funds from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The No DAPL campaign achieved victory in early December but with the inauguration of new administration featuring Trump himself (financially invested in the DAPL constructors, Energy Transfer Partners), as well as Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt, Myron Ebell and Rick Perry, this could turn out to be a short-term reprieve without grassroots opposition and divestment.

Please only attend the morning ‘Bridges Not Walls’ event if you can also attend the 4.30pm event (or if you are unable to attend the afternoon event).

Feel free just to turn up but if you would like to be kept informed of any last-minute changes, please email us your mobile phone number by 8am on Thursday 19th January.

 “Let’s build bridges, not walls.” Martin Luther King.



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