Join us 22/10/16: #AXE DRAX convergence at Drax Power Station


Campaigners from across the UK will be converging on Drax from 1pm-5pm for a peaceful protest and celebration of victories and on-going challenges in the ten years since the 2006 Climate Camp at Drax.

Drax burns more wood than any other power station in the world, and more coal than any in the UK, causing climate change, forest destruction and human rights abuses.

In return for trashing forests and digging up communities, Drax is receiving massive subsidies when it should have been closed down years ago. It is cashing in on some £1.3 million in subsidies every single day. Meanwhile, subsidies for genuinely renewable and low carbon onshore wind and solar power and for home insulation are being slashed across the UK. (Comprehensive analysis of the issues involved.) 


If you’d like to join KCCC there, please email (please note: we may be travelling to arrive earlier in the morning.)

Full details about the event. 

#AxeDrax protest flier

#AxeDrax protest poster



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