Trade unionists in Calderdale support anti-fracking motions

Calderdale TUC banner TUC logo

Fracking is opposed by many people and also by many trade unions including the FBU, the PCS, the RMT, the TSSA and UNITE. Frack Free Ryedale has produced template motions for trade unionists to take to their local branch and other meetings. The motions combine anti-fracking messages with support for climate jobs.

One of the motions is in support of the ‘People’s Declaration’ against fracking.


The other – which is designed for unions representing school workers – opposes fracking and opposes INEOS’ ‘Go Run for Fun’ events for primary school children.


Both motions are detailed and are supported by extensive referencing. They provide opportunities for increased awareness of and engagement with the issues around fracking, health impacts, jobs and the economy.

Recently, KCCC activist and NUT member, Tim Padmore spoke in support of the INEOS motion at a meeting of the Calderdale NUT and in support of the ‘People’s Declaration’ motion at a meeting of Calderdale Trades Council.

Calderdale NUT was the first trade union branch to support the INEOS motion on 29th June and Calderdale Trades Council was the first trade union body to vote to support the People’s Declaration motion on 6th July. In both cases, the motions were amended before being passed. Frack Free Ryedale will have information about these amendments.

Please consider whether you can put forward one of these motions to your trade union or trades council.

“And remember that fracking jobs poison land and people. Climate jobs save lives.”

 One Million Climate Jobs pamphlet (page 64)




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