Join us 23/09/16: Red Lines Climate Vigil, St George’s Square, Huddersfield


6.15-7.30 p.m. (gather from 6p.m.), Friday 23rd September, St George’s Square, Huddersfield 

Red Lines Climate Vigil poster

To avoid runaway climate change we cannot cross red lines on burning fossil fuels.  

Since the Paris climate talks citizens have been protesting in red to show that there are red lines that we cannot cross in climate change. As Bill McKibben has said, ‘We can’t negotiate with the physics of climate change’. We can now say that certain projects or policies (for example, the development of a UK shale gas industry) are incompatible with the UK meeting its climate targets. Therefore, fracking crosses a red line and we need to draw a line to stop it happening.

Our government has moved backwards on climate action: fast-tracking fracking undermining support for renewables

Since the 2015 General Election the government has dismantled the green economy and encouraged the fossil fuel economy. The vigil will assemble shortly after the new Conservative Government has been formed and its climate policies could be even worse than those of 2015-16.

Across the globe, we are experiencing record breaking temperatures.

Every month since October has been the hottest on record globally for that month, India recorded its hottest ever day in May, Alaska had its hottest ever spring and Australia and seven of its states and territories recorded their warmest autumn on record in 2016. It is almost certain that 2016 will become the warmest year on record, just as 2015 had been and 2014 had been before that.

Join us as we mark the impact on summer arctic sea ice!   

Arctic sea ice is melting at a rate that by September could see it beat the record low set in 2012. The maximum extent of sea ice in winter was at a record low and the extent in May was the lowest for that month ever by more than 500,000 square kilometres.

Wear red. Tea Lights provided.

Let’s demand that we don’t cross red lines on climate change.

The solutions are ready.

Several organisations have produced blueprints for how we can achieve a fair and rapid transition to a low-carbon or zero-carbon economy based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. For example, the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ report (produced by the Campaign against Climate Change’s Trade Union Group and supported by eight trade unions) outlines the way in which the government could create one million climate jobs in one year to cut carbon emissions by 86% in twenty years.

Join us to demand climate action now!



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