Film screening keeps TTIP (and CETA!) in the spotlight

2016 06 02 film 1

“The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, that notorious proposed trade agreement that hands ever more sweeping powers to corporate titans – lies wounded, perhaps fatally. It isn’t dead yet, but TTIP is a tangled wreckage that will be difficult to re-assemble.” Owen Jones, The Guardian 5/5/16

Thank you to people who joined us for the screening of ‘The Trouble with TTIP.

‘The Trouble with TTIP’ was made by Stephen Morris. It features interviews with John Hilary from War on Want, Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP, Green Party MEP Jean Lambert, Sam Lowe from Friends of the Earth and Glynn Moody, a technology writer. It is on VIMEO, it’s downloadable and Stephen Morris is happy for people to organise screenings of it at no cost.

2016 06 02 film 2

The film was made in 2015 so after the screening we did a short update on developments on TTIP and CETA over recent and forthcoming months (Update on TTIP developments June 2016).

We had a good post-show discussion and there were some interesting questions from people who attended. We will be trying to find answers to one or two of the questions we weren’t sure about!

2016 06 02 talk 2

2016 06 02 talk 1

2016 06 02 group

We’re really grateful to Huddersfield University Unison and UCU who accommodated us as part of their monthly film screenings programme and especially to Shaun Beckingham for his help and warm welcome.

2016 06 02 film 3

Find out more about our campaigning on TTIP.

In the near future we hope to campaign on the need for a parliamentary vote on CETA and a TTIP Free Zone vote in Kirklees Council. Please join us!

“Even if TTIP is defeated we still live in a world in which major corporations often have greater powers than nation states: only organised movements that cross borders can have any hope of challenging this unaccountable dominance.

From tax justice to climate change the ‘protest never achieves anything’ brigade have been proved wrong. Here’s a potential victory to relish and build on.” Owen Jones, The Guardian. 5/5/16



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