News from the Fifth Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP meeting

Stop TTIP (1)

Thanks to Amin for this graphic.

We had another successful meeting of the Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP on Saturday.

The focus was primarily on CETA, the trade deal between the EU and Canada, which in several ways resembles TTIP. Both include clauses allowing corporations to sue governments for loss of profits in secret tribunals, both promote de-regulation and lock in privatisation and both aim for ‘regulatory co-operation’.

CETA will be in the news over the next few months. In June the European Council will be meeting to ratify it and MEPs are expected to vote on it in January or February 2017.

It is not clear whether it will be agreed that national parliaments must debate and support CETA. We will be campaigning that it is essential. (See this War on Want e-action, calling on David Cameron to give MPs a vote on CETA )

We delivered a mini ‘teach-in’ on CETA to the meeting. This was based on a multiple choice quiz on CETA that we created (CETA multiple choice quiz & answers).

Meanwhile, TTIP has been increasingly challenged in recent days and weeks, not least as a result of the leak of a UK government report on TTIP. In spite of all the government’s spin on TTIP, it found that the deal would have “Few or no benefits to the UK, while having meaningful economic and political costs.”

You can read more on recent developments on CETA and TTIP in blogs by Guy Taylor and Nick Dearden from Global Justice Now.

Please let us know if you would like to receive the minutes of the meeting.



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