‘Forwards not Backwards on Climate Change’ – Find out more and get involved locally…


At the ‘Forwards Not Backwards’ demonstration in Leeds on May 7 we gave out flyers (Flyer for 7 May 2016) to the general public.  They included a link to this page where people can find out more information and get involved in local groups. Please contact us on kirkleesccc@hotmail.co.uk if you have any further questions.

In the past year, our Government has moved backwards on climate change. It has undermined renewable energy and energy efficiency and fast-tracked fracking. [1] In Yorkshire, this has cost jobs, threatened businesses and put communities at risk. [2]Even the government’s independent advisors, the Committee on Climate have warned that investors are losing confidence and the Government risks missing its climate targets.[3]

Taking action on climate change would be win-win for Yorkshire, creating:

Jobs Renewable energy and energy efficiency could create thousands of jobs, many times more than fracking.[4]

Clean Air Improving public transport could help to prevent 1000 premature deaths per year from air pollution in West Yorks alone[5]

Safe Water Stop Knostrop becoming a dumping ground for fracking’s toxic waste. [6]

Warm Homes Upgrading our housing would improve the health of the 240,000 households in Yorkshire who live in fuel poverty.[7]

Energy that doesn’t cost the earth Investment in renewable energy will protect us from rising gas prices and help us to avoid dangerous climate change. [8]

Find out more about how the Government is moving backwards on climate change http://www.campaigncc.org/goingbackwards

You can help to protect local communities in Yorkshire and make the government stop its backtracking on climate change.

Get involved in one of these groups who organised this as the ‘Climate Action Leeds’ network. 

Frack Free Leeds


Friends of the Earth


Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change www.kirkleescampaignagainstclimatechange.wordpress.com

Leeds Alliance for Green Socialism


Leeds Green Party


Leeds Reclaim the Power


Leeds Tidal


 Zero Carbon Yorkshire  




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