Join us 07/05/16: ‘Forwards not Backwards on Climate’ Leeds Demonstration


Leeds Climate Action and others in West Yorkshire will be holding a ‘Forwards not Backwards on Climate’ Demonstration on Saturday 7th May.

Here is the facebook event page.

Please share widely with your networks!

The demonstration will be connecting with the demonstration in London on 8th May to mark the anniversary of the 2015 election and the dismantling of climate policies since then – such as:

• Slashing subsidies to renewables while increasing subsidies to fossil fuels

• Blocking planning permission for onshore wind while overriding objections to fracking

• Continued expansion of aviation and road-building

• Cuts in funding for insulation

(Read more on . Furthermore, the government’s backtracking on climate has been in the public mind recently, not least because it is ten years since David Cameron’s famous husky moment. Shadow Secretary of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change Lisa Nandy used the anniversary  on 20th April to outline the ‘top ten u-turns on the environment’ that the government has made in the last year.)

Assemble City Square (Outside Leeds train station) 12pm. Set off 1pm. Circuit of Leeds centre before returning to City Square for speakers. There will be short periods of backwards walking (optional!) to illustrate the government’s backtracking. (Flyer for ‘Forwards not Backwards on Climate’ Leeds Demonstration)

Please wear red or green or both.

Red= Red lines that we cannot cross, Stop using fossil fuels, danger.

Green= Go forwards on the green economy.

Please join us! Please spread the word. Please get in touch if you can help make the day work – e.g. stewarding, delivering a speech etc.

If you’d like to get involved in organising the event, the next meeting will take place on Thursday 28th April 6pm at the Victoria Pub on Great George Street Leeds Contact Mike Davies on



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