Taking the Million Climate Jobs message to the Northern Rail rally

2016 03 31 1MCJ banner

We had a great time spreading the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ message – and learning more about the negative changes to the Northern Rail franchise at the Northern Rail rally at the Manchester Mechanics Institute on 31 March.

We distributed flyers (produced by the PCS trade union) and sold copies of the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ report. The One Million Climate Jobs report is supported by eight trade unions, including the TSSA. Download the full report from Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group webpage.

It outlines the way in which the government could create one million climate jobs in one year, what these jobs would achieve, what it would cost to create them, how it would be funded and how it would lead to a low carbon economy.

The fliers we gave out were from the PCS trade union. Any group wanting to promote the One Million Climate Jobs campaign can order some through PCS.

We also unveiled our new banner at the event. We plan to take this out to on many future protests and gatherings to spread the word! Many thanks to everyone who helped with its design!


There was a lot of interest in our materials by those attending, including Lisa Nandy, the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. She even tweeted a picture of the flyer and endorsed the campaign!

“Great to be handed this flyer at the @ActionForRail rally in Manchester. Tackle climate change, create jobs.”

The event was organised by the Action for Rail coalition of trade unions to mark the final day of the Northern Rail franchise. Within four hours of the meeting ending, the franchise passed from the Dutch national railway to Arriva Rail North, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway. The irony of privatisation leading to ownership by foreign national companies was lost on no-one! Read more.

The rally included a number of fine speakers. These were Shadow Rail Minister Andy McDonald MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Lisa Nandy MP, North West TUC Regional Secretary Lynn Collins, ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash and TSSA Organising Director Steve Coe.


Andy McDonald and Lisa Nandy both underlined the Labour Party’s commitment to returning the national railways to public ownership. Rail services, jobs and passenger safety in Northern England are under threat by a new Northern Rail franchise beginning on 1 April. Lisa Nandy rightly pointed out that publicly owned railways are essential as part of our response to climate change, “the greatest threat we face.”

Read more about our campaigning in support of Action for Rail and RMT campaigns.

Read Ellie Harrison’s blog in which she explains how concern about climate change led her to set up Bring Back British Rail.




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