Green Party table ‘TTIP Free Zone’ motion for Weds 23rd March – Join us!


PLEASE NOTE 21/3/16: We’ve just heard that there is a possibility that motions could be voted on at the beginning of council (from 6pm) rather than at the end. This is only a possibility.

If you are thinking of attending the debate in the council on Wednesday evening (from 8.30pm) and are not also attending the lobby or part of it (from 4.15pm-6pm), please email your mobile phone number by 4.30 p.m. Tuesday 22/3/16. We would then be in a position to text you on Wednesday evening either to confirm that the motion has been voted on at the beginning of council OR inform you it’s still likely to be voted on shortly before 9 p.m. (subject to timing – see bullet point 3 below).


We have great news. The Green Party on Kirklees council have tabled a ‘TTIP Free Zone’ motion for the next   General Council meeting on Wednesday 23rd March. We would like to thank them for doing this.

The motion that has been submitted is based on the model motion on the final page of Global Justice Now’s TTIP briefing for local authorities.

Thirty four councils across the UK have passed a ‘TTIP Free Zone’ motion and we hope you would like one passed in Kirklees too!

We would be grateful if you could help us out in the following ways:

  • If you have not already done so, please contact your councillors to ask them to support this motion. You can do this through Please share this with your friends and networks and ask them to do the same.
  • Please join us for the lobby of the council at the Town Hall (Corporation Street entrance). We will be handing out copies of the Global Justice Now’s TTIP briefing for local authorities – and a general leaflet on TTIP from War on Want – as they enter. Please join us from 4.15pm- 4.45pm and from 5.15pm – 6.00pm.
  • Please join us in the public gallery for the vote. This normally happens at the end of other council business shortly before 9pm. If you arrive by 8.30pm this should leave ample time. Please note: sometimes motions are ‘timed out’ by other business so there is not a 100% guarantee that the motion will be debated and voted on.
  • Please join us for the deputation to the cabinet. For this, we need up to five people to be present as we speak for five minutes to the council. It will take place at 4.45pm-5.05pm. Please contact us in advance if this interests you as numbers are limited.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the “TTIP Free Kirklees” campaign so far – through signing the petition, joining us at events and helping to raise awareness. We hope the next few weeks will bring success!

Read more about the “TTIP Free Kirklees” campaign


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