What happened next? Stated positions of Kirklees Councillors on TTIP


We launched the ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ campaign in September 2015 at Planet Festival. Through stalls and other actions, we are campaigning for Kirklees Council to pass a motion to declare itself a ‘TTIP Free Zone’, something already done by thirty four councils nationwide.

Of course, if this happens, it won’t single-handedly stop TTIP. But the campaign is raising awareness of the risks of TTIP and starting an important conversation with politicians and citizens about its potential impact on local democracy and national sovereignty.

As Kirklees councillors state their positions on TTIP, we will post them on this page, ward by ward.

If you have not already done so, please contact your local councillor on www.ttipfreezone.org .

If you would like to read more about the ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ campaign, including our campaign strategy document, please follow this link.

Stated positions of Kirklees Councillors on TTIP

Last updated 4.15 p.m., Monday 7.3.16 (Updated every Monday afternoon and Friday morning)

(All Kirklees councillors contacted by Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change by email on 17.2.16.)

If your councillor has not stated a position on TTIP, you can make contact with them through the TTIP Free Zone e-petition www.ttipfreezone.org . If you get a reply and are happy to share it with us, please forward it to us and we’ll update this page.



Judith Hughes (Labour; 18.1.16; email): I am happy to support this motion.


Batley East

Batley West

Birstall & Birkenshaw


Colne Valley

Crosland Moor & Netherton

Molly Walton (Labour; 17.2.16; email): I have been against this right from the start which must be 12 months now and I got in touch with our MEPs . I know it is complex and they are looking into the aspects of it from the Euro point of view. I doubt that many people know all the details of it and nor do I, other than it takes many powers away from us and allows USA companies powers to virtually end up with privatisation of the NHS.


Musarrat Khan (Labour; 28.2.16; email): I fully support this campaign. I believe it would undermine sovereign powers of individual nations and reduce the regulatory barriers such as food safety law, environmental legislation, and banking regulations.

Denby Dale

Graham Turner (Labour; 19.2.16; email): I personally don’t support TTIP. I think it is purely a device for multi-nationals to generate more profits at the expense of the public. I think is damaging to the climate and removes some powers from national governments. It does nothing to protect workers from employers who may wish to take advantage of them. By reducing workers’ rights and conditions, it will help large corporations avoid their tax responsibilities and will also allow them to take over state-run services.

Dewsbury East

Dewsbury South

Dewsbury West


Hilary Richards (Labour; 17.2.16; email): Golcar Branch Labour Party has already sent a motion to their Constituency Labour Party.


Carole Pattison (Labour; 4.3.16; email): I understand the fears and I am in support of this campaign against TTIP. I believe that this is a moving feast at the moment and I will keep an eye on the issue and intervene when it is appropriate.


David Sheard (Labour; 17.2.16; email): I am totally against the TTIP and all other deals designed absolutely to help corporate capitalism.

Holme Valley North

Charles Greaves (Valley Independent; 8.1.16; email): I will support the motion when it comes to council.

Terry Lyons(Valley Independent; 8.1.16; email): I will be in support of the motion when it comes to council.

Holme Valley South


Robert Barraclough (Green; 23/2/16; Cllr Andrew Cooper’s email on behalf of Green Party grouping): See Newsome Ward 


Liversedge & Gomersal



Karen Allison, Andrew Cooper, Julie Stewart-Turner (Green; 23/2/16; Cllr Andrew Cooper’s email on behalf of Green Party grouping): I can confirm that the Green Party is unequivocally opposed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The Green Party opposes the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). TTIP is globalisation in its worst form, designed to submit democratically elected governments to the will of private corporations. Companies will be able to take legal action against governments that they think threaten their profits. National policies in EU countries for health, environmental, consumer and social protection could be challenged by companies from anywhere in the world in private international tribunals, run by corporate lawyers. Under TTIP, attempts to bring the National Health Service and the railways into public ownership could be financially penalised or blocked; authorisations for genetically modified organisms may be accelerated at European level and risk assessment standards lowered; and regulation of banks and the financial industry would be harder, if not impossible. I will recommend that we submit a motion opposing TTIP.




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