Don’t Let TTIP Tie the Hands of Kirklees Council!



We had a good level of interest in our TTIP Free Kirklees campaign stall and stunt in Huddersfield on 13 February.

We collected signatures in support of the petition calling for a TTIP Free Zone motion to be passed by Kirklees Council. You can read more about this and contact your local councillor on .

To catch people’s attention, we created a stunt with a placard saying ‘Don’t Let TTIP Tie the Hands of Kirklees Council’ held by someone gagged and with hands bound.


This represented the way Kirklees Council’s powers could be curtailed by TTIP. Global Justice Now’s TTIP briefing for local authorities outlines the ways in which TTIP could adversely affect :

  • the powers of local authorities – should further devolution take place – to make decisions such as taking health services back into public control.
  • local government’s power in making planning decisions (such as Lancashire County Council’s decision on Cuadrilla’s fracking applications in 2015)
  • local government’s decision-making regarding procurement, particularly decisions that could benefit local small and medium-sized businesses, and decisions based on environmental and social considerations.

Earlier in the week, Tim Padmore’s Letter to The Huddersfield Examiner (08.02.16) outlined the way in which TTIP is a threat to sovereignty and raised awareness of the TTIP Free Zone campaign.

We launched the TTIP Free Kirklees campaign in September at Planet Festival. You can read more about this campaign, including our TTIP Free Kirklees campaign strategy,on this link.

We will now be contacting local councillors on behalf of the people who signed up with us in Huddersfield. If you have not already done so, please contact your local councillor on . Click here to find out which councillors have stated their position in response to the petition.


no_TTIP_sign (1)

Thank you to Amin for this graphic and photos 1 and 3.



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