Join us (by 01.03.16!): Add your name to letters from Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP to Yorkshire and Humber MEPs

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In May 2015 about 65 people from across Yorkshire and Humber signed letters created by the Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP to the six Yorkshire MEPs in advance of the July vote in the European Parliament.

We received replies from Labour MEP Linda McAvan (representing  Richard Corbett) and UKIP MEP Jane Collins (representing  Mike Hookem). We did not receive replies from Conservative MEPs Timothy Kirkhope or Amjad Bashir.

You can read a summary of the way Yorkshire and Humber MEPs voted here

People involved in the Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP have created letters in response to this vote (TTIP letters to MEPs).  These letters acknowledge replies where they were given and the way MEPs voted. The two UKIP MEPs letter and the two Labour MEPs letters are identical.

After drafting these letters we incorporated feedback on them from Guy Taylor of Global Justice Now. We hope that you agree with the points we have made. Of course, if there are any other matters that you feel that you would like to raise, and which are not included in the letters, we encourage you also to write a personal letter to all six MEPs.

If you would like to sign, please could you email your name, group (if applicable), address including postcode and email address to For ease, you can paste these fields into your email:


Group (if applicable):

Address including postcode:

Email address:

We will not share your address or email with anyone but the MEPs.

We would like this to be from as many residents as possible. Therefore, please do not think that more than one signatory from a particular group is unnecessary.

We will be posting these letters to MEPs in early March. If you would like to sign, please could you do so no later than 1st March?

We will be very happy if local groups would prefer to distribute these letters with their own covering email.



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