Activists and members of public explore “What next after the Paris agreement?” in ‘This Changes Everything’ screening, presentations and discussions


Many thanks to everyone who attended our ‘post-Paris’ discussions on 19 and 21 January in the Colne Valley.

On 19 Jan Tim Padmore joined about twenty people at the Free University of Slawit to discuss ‘Paris: Miracle or Disaster? What next?’ (Free University of Slawit poster)


The ninety minute discussion was ably facilitated by Vicky Minton and involved a very well-informed and interesting group of people. Many issues and questions were raised, including:

Was a poor deal at Paris better than no deal at all?

Is population the problem?

Do we need to change our diets?

Hasn’t the climate always been changing?

Is capitalism the problem?

Are the solutions personal lifestyle choices or changes to the law?

Do we need nuclear power?

What solutions should we focus on from here?

If you would like to read more about the issues raised in this discussion, please read our script and and supporting links and references (Paris miracle or disaster?).

On Thursday 21 January we worked with the Red and Green Club to screen Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis’ film, ‘This Changes Everything’ (This Changes Everything screening poster). Over thirty people attended and participated in a post-screening discussion.


We felt this screening allowed us to ‘come full circle’. It was at the Red and Green Club that we screened our ‘This Changes Everything’ film festival in July. You can read coverage of this festival here and see the festival programme here

We would like to thank the Free University of Slawit and the Red and Green Club for facilitating these events.

Thank you also to Global Justice Now who facilitated the screening of ‘This Changes Everything’.


Thank you to everyone for their generous donations.

Our plan was for donations to be shared equally between the Red and Green Club and ‘Matt Ridley’s Conscience’, a group of climate activists who were raising money to cover their legal fees for shutting down Shotton opencast coal mine for a day in October.

However, when we went onto the ‘Matt Ridley’s Conscience’ website to give them the money donated we found out that on 18/1/16 the group reached their donation target (

We decided that the best substitute-recipient (for ‘Matt Ridley’s Conscience’) would be Global Justice Now (formerly the World Development Movement). GJN – who facilitated the local screening of ‘This Changes Everything’ – campaign on climate change, energy justice and challenging corporate power (

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