We marched yesterday with 50,000 others for Climate, Justice and Jobs…


Well done to Kirklees people who travelled down to London yesterday to join the March for Climate, Justice and Jobs.

Over a dozen Kirklees residents joined more than 50,000 others – including famous names like Charlotte Church, Jeremy Corbyn, Emma Thompson and Vivienne Westwood – in supporting the demands of the march:

  • No to Dirty Energy!
  • Yes to Renewables!
  • Climate Jobs Now!
  • Justice for People!



It was a great event, probably the largest climate march in UK history.

The scale of the demonstration was clear from the length of time it took to wait for it to start next to Hyde Park. From Hyde Park the march made its way through Piccadilly and Whitehall ending in Milbank near Parliament.



People who joined us commented on the broad spread of age groups and greater diversity of this march in comparison with some others.




Tim Padmore said, “The march was a lively and good natured event with lots of colour, costume and colour. We believe that it sent a really important message to our government and world leaders on the eve of the COP 21 UN climate talks. The world cannot afford another climate conference failure. Even a deal in Paris in line with current commitments will be inadequate in avoiding dangerous climate change.”



Over 600,000 people marched around the world, an impressive figure given that perhaps the most important march in Paris had been banned. (Instead, 10,000 shoes were placed in Place de la Republique.)

There are a number of events in Kirklees and Calderdale taking place during the Paris COP 21 climate talks that opened with world leaders on Monday 30th November.

A number of those who travelled from Huddersfield to London will also be travelling to Paris to demonstrate. To find out more, please contact Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change on kirkleesccc@hotmail.co.uk

Coverage of the climate marches around the world.

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