Preparing for Paris – our double action one week before the UN climate talks open…


We were in Huddersfield on Saturday 21st November to raise awareness of the Paris UN Climate talks, ten days before they begin.

The Paris Climate Talks are the most important talks on climate change since the failed Copenhagen talks in 2009. World leaders will be trying to create a new agreement on global greenhouse gas emissions which will kick in at 2020 when current commitments on emissions will expire[1].


We started with a protest at a BP garage on New Hey Road to support a demand that fossil fuel companies are not allowed to lobby in the talks in Paris (Flier for BP action and Letter to BP duty manager). BP was targeted because of its track-record on blocking progress on clean energy. [2]


This was followed by fliering in Huddersfield, to raise awareness of the UN Climate talks and to support a petition to world leaders to act on climate change (Business cards with 350 Paris petition).

It is unlikely that that the talks will achieve the emissions cuts required to prevent dangerous climate change. The world community agrees that global temperatures must be kept below two degrees of warming above pre-industrial levels. On 30th October the United Nations announced the pledges that 146 nations have made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These translate to three degrees Celsius of warming, way above the safe target. [3]

The world’s eyes are rightly on Paris at the moment after the atrocity of November 13. We ask that people to keep their eyes on Paris over the next three weeks. These talks have the opportunity to create a fairer, safer, better world but it’s up to us to demand that they succeed.

sand timer v4_paris event (1)

Thanks to Amin for this graphic.






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