Climate Call for Action in Huddersfield by Paul Routledge and Asad Rehman


Thank you to everyone who joined us for the brilliant ‘Climate Justice Paris’ meeting on Friday 6th November.

Paul Routledge and Asad Rehman’s presentations were stimulating, challenging and inspiring and those in the audience were impressed.

Paul Routledge began with a fascinating account of his work with poor people in Bangladesh. He described his experiences of contributing to the Climate Caravan and outlined graphically the way in which climate change is only one of several problems and injustices that people are experiencing. The struggle for land rights, inequality and gender rights cannot be separated from the climate justice struggle.


Thank you to Amin for all these photos of the event 


Asad Rehman’s presentation complemented Paul’s presentation perfectly. While Paul’s presentation focused on the impact of the global climate crisis in one country, Asad’s presentation was broad in its approach. It took in the flaws in the international climate negotiations, summarised the devastating impacts on the world’s poor and provided a challenging critique of the climate movement so far. Finally, it was a call-to-arms for collective action in London on 29 November and 12 December.



Asad and Paul both had a clear message: the struggle for climate justice is a struggle for power and it’s a struggle that cannot be and should not be separated from other struggles, whether they’re trade union, anti-austerity, gender, race, land or refugee struggles. The climate movement cannot ignore these struggles and if it connects with them, it will be hugely strengthened. This is a message recently popularised by Naomi Klein:

“I believe the movement we need is already in the streets, in the courts, in the classrooms. Even in the halls of power. We just need to find each other.”

Thank you to those who kindly made a donation to Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change on the night. This generous support covered well over half the costs of publicising and holding the event, reducing the net cost to KCCC to just under £40. We appreciate everyone’s support which helps us plan such events with confidence about their affordability.



We hope that people who attended the event are inspired to take action. Between now and mid-December there will be talks, workshops, conferences, vigils, protests and fliering every week in Huddersfield with further events across Yorkshire and major demonstrations in London and Paris. Get involved!

Kirklees events leading up to Paris

Yorkshire events leading up to Paris

Join us at the March for Climate Justice and Jobs in London

Join us in Paris




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