Join us 21/11/15 in and around Huddersfield for a Double Action: Polluters Out People In! / Paris Conversation

Tailings pond north of Syncrude

“BP’s ‘beyond petroleum’ shtick was one of the great PR moves of all time, but it never amounted to anything – nor will the pious purring noises they’re making now. If they want to lead they’ll pledge to stop looking for new hydrocarbons. I’m guessing they won’t, and that we will need to fight them every step of the way.” Bill McKibben.[viii]

Please join us on Saturday 21st November to take action on fossil fuel lobbying in Paris and to raise awareness of the climate talks in Paris.

Action 1

This month the UN Conference on climate change will open.  Its chances of success will be greater if fossil fuel companies do not have the power to lobby against clean energy solutions and if people put pressure on world leaders to act.

From 10am to 11.30am we’ll be at a BP garage in our area protesting against the influence of the fossil fuel lobby in this month’s UN Climate Talks.

Why are we targeting BP?

BP says it recognises the threat of climate change and the need for greater action by governments in Paris to address it.[i] We welcome that and BP’s commitment at this year’s AGM for greater transparency about its impact on climate change. [ii]

However, actions speak louder than words. In September, BP has topped a list of European firms obstructing climate action.[iii] It successfully lobbied Europe to end subsidies for renewables and nationally binding renewable energy targets.[iv] BP is also at the heart of behind-the-scenes lobbying to scrap environmental safety measures on fracking at the EU level. [v]

This year a new study this year showed that, if we are to avert climate catastrophe by keeping 80% of known fossil fuels in the ground 99% of the tar sands must be left unused.[vi] In spite of this BP is engaged in three current and planned tar sands operations in Alberta, Canada. [vii]

If BP were serious about climate change, it would make a commitment to pull out of tar sands operations and not to lobby against meaningful action on climate change at the Paris climate talks.

Without these commitments we believe that BP should not be allowed to lobby to affect the outcome of the climate talks in Paris.

Action 2

Following this, from 12pm until 1.30pm  we’ll be in Huddersfield having a ‘Paris Conversation’ with the public.

We’ll be raising awareness of the conference and supporting’s Paris e-petition

We’ll also be offering local people the opportunity to sign a French Tricolore that we’ll be taking to the demonstrations in Paris in December so that we can carry their voices with us across the Channel to this mobilisation in Paris.

The flag echoes the demands mobilising The People’s March taking place in cities around the UK on the weekend of 28/29 November, on the eve of the opening of the UN Climate Talks in Paris: “No to Dirty Energy! Yes to Renewables! Climate Jobs Now! Justice for People!”

Depending on local partners, we may also be supporting Oxfam’s important coal campaign and petition.


All are welcome to join us for either or both action(s). As we are not announcing our location for either action, please get in touch if you’d like to join us or if you’d like to find out more. Please contact us by email by Friday 20th November 12pm, leaving your mobile phone number.














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