“It’s not just us: there are more people than corporations” – Bradford’s dramatic call for action against TTIP

TTIP play 1

We had a thought-provoking and inspiring evening at “The Deal Versus The People”, a play presented by West Yorkshire Playhouse and Common Wealth, exploring responses to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Common Wealth worked with a group of people from Bradford not normally represented in politics to create this site-specific event, transforming Bradford’s City Hall Council Chambers. The production – in association with The Trade Justice Movement, Global Justice Now and UNISON – is now set to tour to the European Parliament in Brussels.

TTIP play 2

Before the play, we handed out close to 100 copies of War on Want’s Democracy for Sale leaflet (http://www.waronwant.org/resources/democracy-sale) as people arrived at City Hall. The flier sets out the 3 pillars of TTIP: deregulation, privatisation and corporate courts.

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The production included verbatim monologues of interviews with Bradford residents, filming, song, modern dance and an audience stunt (involving balaclavas and saucepans!).

The stunt was filmed as part of the production’s lobby of the European Commission. Common Wealth will soon put the link of the video at www.notstupid.co.uk.

TTIP play 3

The casting, staging and script were an inspiring and moving call to reclaim democracy and take action against TTIP.

Common Wealth said: “ We’re in Bradford Council Chambers sitting in the chairs where the councillors usually sit and we’re charging it with people, with feeling… We’re saying TTIP and neoliberalism will affect our lives, we know who it will benefit and who it will forget.”

“Theatre is for imagining possibilities and with The Deal Versus The People we’re imagining a new kind of politics, a new way of representing ourselves, a new way of saying we’re not stupid, and a new way of saying look at how much potential each and every one of us has.”

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The event was timely. As the play was being performed, leaks suggested that EU TTIP negotiators in Miami appeared to be breaking environmental pledges, confirming campaigners’ fears. You can read more here http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/oct/23/ttip-eu-negotiators-appear-to-break-environmental-pledge-in-leaked-draft   Earlier in the month, Corporate Europe Observatory produced an informative briefing on TTIP and climate change. It’s called ‘TTIP: A Box of Tricks for Corporate Climate Criminals’.

For more information on TTIP see useful links and useful resources.

For more details of our on-going campaigning against this trade deal, type TTIP in our Search box.

In September, we launched our ‘TTIP Free Kirklees petition, to support us over the coming months in engaging with Kirklees councillors to ask them to pass a motion against TTIP (https://kirkleescampaignagainstclimatechange.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/we-launch-ttip-free-kirklees-petition/)

If you are a resident of Kirklees and would like to sign the petition, please send us your name, house number and postcode. (You can read the model motion that the petition refers to by going to www.ttipfreezone.org.uk/) We will let your local councillor know that you support the “TTIP Free Kirklees” petition.




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