Join us 12/12/15 in Paris : KCCC travel arrangements for 11-13 December

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We’ll be travelling to Paris for the final demonstration after the UN Climate Talks on 12th December. Would you like to join us?

Last Friday, tickets for the special Eurostar services to and from Paris –leaving on 11th December and returning on 13th December- were released.

All details are here:


We’ve bought our tickets.We have also bought our tickets from Huddersfield to London. We will be getting the 06.40 a.m. from Huddersfield to London Euston which arrives at 09.52 a.m.  on Friday 11th December (07.35 a.m. from Manchester Piccadilly). At the moment, this ticket costs £22.

This should provide  plenty of time. The organisers say that there will be a number of services from 08.00 a.m. and 12.20 p.m. with priority given to people outside London for the later trains. (The organisers have told us that Friends of the Earth will be allocating people to specific trains once they have booked).

A picture taken on January 14, 2015 shows the logo of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, the Cop 21 summit in Paris, on January 14, 2015. AFP PHOTO /JACQUES DEMARTHON

We will be getting a Eurostar train back on Sunday 13th December. There are several trains and the last arrives in London shortly after 2 p.m.

To allow for getting the latest train (although it is possible that we’ll get an earlier one from Paris) we will be getting the 16.05 train from London King Cross to Huddersfield, arriving at 19.01 (18.44 from Leeds). At the moment this costs £40.20.

We’d like to give a warning that there will be earlier trains from Paris to London with priority given to people outside London for the earlier ones. It is possible that we’ll be on a train getting in around or even before midday. We’ve chosen to ‘play safe’ but this may well mean that we’ll be waiting in London for a few hours. Please have a think about this before you decide whether or not to join us for the same service.

We have also paid for hostel accommodation for the 11th and 12th December (which you can do when you book travel – see link above).

Of course, if you choose alternative travel or accommodation arrangements but would like to meet up in Paris for marching and socialising, please get in touch.


We hope you can join us.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Don’t forget we’ll be going to London for the March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on 29th November too. Here are our travel details in case you’d like to join us




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