Join us 04/10/15: Manchester demo on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference

Leeds 10

The Conservative Party conference will be taking place in the week beginning in two weeks’ time – on Monday 5th October. On Sunday 4th October there will be a huge demonstration, organised by the People’s Assembly.

There will be many people marching for many important reasons. We’ll be joining those people protesting against the government’s attack on people and planet, which has stepped up a gear over the summer.

There will be a climate bloc marching under the banner of ‘No to Austerity! No to Fracking Hell! Yes to One Million Climate Jobs!’ You can read about the bloc, including where it will assemble here

We have a few options for how we’re going to participate in the demo – one of which is joining this bloc at the assembly point. We’ll have this clear by Monday 28th September and will put it in the Fortnightly News.  If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch.

We’ll probably be travelling to Manchester by train –although there is a cheaper alternative provided by Huddersfield TUC.

Transport available from Huddersfield & Dewsbury to the Rally & March To book your seats, please ring 01484 511826 Kirklees UNISON Office Kirklees UNISON members and their children (under 16) FREE other trade union members £10 unemployed £5

“Climate change in many ways offers us the most powerful argument we have ever had against this brutal logic of austerity” Naomi Klein




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