We launch ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition



‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition effective from 1 Feb 2016 (Word)

‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition effective from 1 Feb 2016 (pdf)

On 5th September, we launched our ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition (1/2/16: note new version above) at Huddersfield Friends of the Earth’s excellent ‘Planet Festival’ (https://www.facebook.com/events/472340469591933/)

Across the country, councils are passing ‘TTIP Free Town’ resolutions.

Global Justice Now and UNISON have done work on providing model motions for councils and providing briefings on TTIP and the attack on local democracy. You can see these on www.ttipfreezone.org.uk/

During the autumn, we hope to engage with Kirklees councillors to ask them to pass such a motion.

There was a lot of interest in our stall at Planet Festival. 40 people signed the ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition. We will contact these people’s councillors on their behalf.

Superceded by new version of petition (1/2/16:‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition effective from 1 Feb 2016 (Word);  ‘TTIP Free Kirklees’ petition effective from 1 Feb 2016 (pdf)) If you would like to sign the petition, please send us your name, house number and postcode. (You can read the model motion that the petition refers to by going to www.ttipfreezone.org.uk/) We will let your local councillor know that you support the “TTIP Free Kirklees” petition.


We also had many good conversations with people about TTIP and gave out lots of informative materials provided by 38 Degrees, Global Justice Now and War on Want.


We were helped at Planet Festival by our friends in North Kirklees NHS Support Group and 38 Degrees who had their own ‘Keep the NHS Public’ stall next to us. One of the encouraging things about working on TTIP has been collaborating with other groups who are approaching TTIP from a different, but equally important angle.


Earlier this summer, we supported North Kirklees NHS Support Group who arranged for the ‘STOP TTIP’ inflatable pen to come to Dewsbury to raise awareness of the European Citizen’s Initiative.

TTIP 2015 07 22

There’s more TTIP action next week. Please join us in attending the talk by one of the key Labour MEPs- Jude Kirton-Darling in Leeds. The meeting will take place at Leeds Civic Hall from 11am- 1pm.

Following this we will be joining the meeting of Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP. This will take place at Ebor Court, off Skinner Street, Leeds from 2pm -4pm (arrive any time from 1.30pm)

Please note that this is an alteration from the previously announced time.

If you’d like to read about the need to stop TTIP as part of climate campaigning, we have some useful documents in the TTIP section on our resources page https://kirkleescampaignagainstclimatechange.wordpress.com/useful-resources-2/




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