#railripoff protest highlights the cost of private railways

2015 09 05 Action for rail

Kirklees and Calderdale campaigners joined us to highlight the cost of private railways at Huddersfield railways. We wanted to tell the public about the alternative model that public ownership represents.

In August, the government announced that rail fares would increase by only 1% in 2016.  Throughout the term of the current government fares will be capped so that they do not rise above the Retail Price Index measure of inflation.

Behind this are hidden costs to both fare payer and tax payer. This increase stands on top of much greater increases during the past five years, during which regulated fares rose by 25% while wages rose by only 9%

The cap on fares over the next five years will cost the tax payer £700 million.  Public ownership would provide a cheaper alternative to this. Each year, the taxpayer pays billions into the rail system and the private rail companies pay out millions in dividends to share-holders.

A recent study has shown that re-nationalisation could prevent these losses to the extent that it could result in a 10% reduction in fares.  You can read more about this in the Transport for Quality of Life report, Commissioned by Action for Rail which was released during August (http://actionforrail.wpengine.com/rail-fares-have-risen-by-25-per-cent-since-2010-tuc-analysis-reveals/)

We had a lot interest from rail travellers and gave out 200 postcards.

If you would like to contact your MP to support the campaign, you can do so on http://campaign.actionforrail.org/page/speakout/take-action-protest-2016-fare-rise-support-public-ownership




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