JOIN US 29/11/15: Travel with us to the People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs

Photo for marches from Facebk

We’ll be joining the People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on Sunday November 29th in London.

We hope that this march, marking the beginning of the UN climate talks in Paris will attracts tens of thousands and demonstrate mass support for climate action. You can read about the march on and

We’ll be travelling to London by train and will be happy for any people to join us. The tickets for the day have just been released so they’re reasonable now (about £55 in total) but will get more expensive soon.

Here’s our itinerary- with prices. Please get in touch if you have any questions (eg about seat reservations).


07:40 Hudds rail station (NB TransPennine Bus service)

08:30 Leeds

09:05 Leeds

11:32 London Kings Cross

£24 Advance Single (as of 6/9/15)


17:35 London Kings Cross

19:51 Leeds

20:10 Leeds

20:29 Huddersfield

£30.85 Advance Single to Leeds (as of 6/9/15; N.B. Advance tickets Leeds to Huddersfield not yet on sale)




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