TTIP update: 2nd meeting of Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP and the non-vote in the European Parliament


We had another positive meeting of the Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP on Saturday.

In the network’s second meeting, we discussed the recent lobby of Richard Corbett, the non-vote in the European Parliament and plans for campaigning on TTIP in the autumn. Please let us know if you would like to receive the minutes of the meeting.

As we have said, a European Parliament vote on TTIP was due to take place last Wednesday. It was postponed by the President of the Parliament –  possibly at the instigation of Centre-Right parties – because it looked likely that the vote may be damaging to TTIP and because of the scale of concern – expressed in 800 amendments. The left of centre parliamentarians tried to force a vote but lost by two votes!

Here’s newspaper coverage of what happened:

Global Justice Now responded to the events in the European Parliament in these two blogs:

This is all to the credit of campaigners and parliamentarians. Here’s the write up of our meeting with Richard Corbett last week:

Thank you also to everyone locally who signed up to letters to MEPs that were sent in late May. Those people will have received the 10 June 2015 Response from Linda McAvan MEP.

If you want to keep up the pressure on MEPs through e-petition, letter, phone call or newspaper letter, here are two suggestions:




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