Reclaiming Power from the Big Six

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“I believe that the challenge of climate change is more important than all the other struggles – apartheid, suffrage – of human history combined, because here we are talking about the survival of the human species as we know it. I also think civil disobedience is critical right now.”

Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace (May 2015)

We joined Reclaim the Power protest camp at Didcot in Oxfordshire last week.

Why Didcot?

Because the Big Six are trying to block the transition to renewable energy.

You can read more here

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We helped to set up the camp on Friday and Saturday. For anyone who hasn’t attended a camp organised by Reclaim the Power they are incredibly well-run. Within hours of taking a site, field kitchens, compost toilets and workshop spaces are up-and-running.  The entrance to the site was protected by two tripods from which a banner reading ‘Power to the People’ was hung. And apart from some wet weather on Friday, the sun shone!

On Saturday there were workshops on subjects as diverse as ‘Energy Co-ops: How to set one up’,   ;Fracking won’t bring down the bills. What will?’ and ‘Consensus decision making: when it’s useful and how to make it better.’

Yesterday was the big day of direct action, part of a Global Day of Action to Get Up and Stop Dirty Energy to confront the fossil fuel industry. Protests included a blockade of RWE npower’s debt collection office in Leeds, a protest against oil sponsorship at the National Gallery, a blockade of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and an ‘energy love-in’ outside David Cameron’s constituency office.

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You can read the full round-up of demonstrations here

Here is media coverage in The Guardian and The Ecologist

Reclaim the Power was set up following the occupation of West Burton power station in 2012.  In 2013 it set up camp at Balcombe and in 2014 it camped near Blackpool, on both occasions to support local campaigns against fracking.

If you haven’t attended Reclaim the Power before, we recommend it.  The camp combines low-carbon living, learning and action. It has an intelligent and effective approach to direct action through ‘speed dating’. People are linked with others in groups that match people’s skills, interests and the role they want to take on (including non-arrestable roles).

This year’s camp was earlier than usual, partly to free people up for other important actions happening across Europe this summer. This includes on-going anti-austerity action throughout the year, the Frackanpada camp in the Basque region of Spain, Klimacamp and the blockade of German coalfields in August and, of course demonstrations around the Paris Climate Conference in November/December.



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