Join us 6/6/15: TTIP meeting with Richard Corbett MEP


Richard Corbett MEP has agreed to meet with us on Saturday 6th June in Huddersfield – just before he is due vote in the European Parliament on TTIP.

TTIP is a huge issue which could affect jobs, worker’s rights, public services and environmental action and regulation.  The European Parliament will be taking part in a vote on TTIP on 9th June. It’s not binding but seen as very important in terms of the message it will give to the Commission. (You can read more on this

We will be meeting Richard Corbett in a meeting room at Huddersfield Central Library.

The address is Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield HD1 2SU.   The meeting room is downstairs below the level of the main entrance. It is in the space that was formerly the Sound and Vision Library. There are staff in the main foyer who can direct you.

The meeting will begin at 11am.  We will be there from 10am in order to discuss our approach to the meeting with anyone who would like to attend. Please join us at 10am or at 11am for the meeting itself. 

If anyone would like to discuss this before the date, please get in touch.

Our approach to the meeting will be largely guided by the text of the letter to him and Linda McAvan. You can see this on this page

Richard Corbett’s position is that he has concerns about many aspects of TTIP (including ISDS) but is not opposed to TTIP outright. For more information see

In the meantime, we are collecting signatures for letters to all Yorkshire MEPs – to be sent on 23rd May. If you could send names and addresses to us to be added to this letter, we’d be grateful. All details here




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