Sign letters to Yorkshire and Humber MEPs before 9th June vote on TTIP!


On 9th June the European Parliament will take part in a vote on TTIP. The vote is non-binding, but is seen as sending an important message to the Commission.  It has already been the focus of concern and opposition, with many amendments tabled.

You can read more detail about this vote here

Along with other people and groups involved in the Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP, we would like to lobby Yorkshire and Humber MEPs before the vote – both by letter and in person.

We will be sending two sets of letters to Yorkshire and Humber MEPs – one to Labour MEPs Richard Corbett and Linda McAvan and one to the Conservative and UKIP Yorkshire and Humber MEPs:

TTIP letter to Labour MEPs May 2015

TTIP letter to Conservative and UKIP MEPs May 2015

(The letters are different to reflect the different positions of the MEPs.)

If you live in the Yorkshire and Humber constituency, would you be happy as an individual or a group that you are involved with to add your names to the letters?

We propose that people sign up to the letter with name and address and, if appropriate, group.


Toby Sowerby   14 Brussels Lane, Holmfirth HD9 8IJ (Holmbridge Friends of the Earth)

If you would like to add your name(s), please email by 22nd May? We intend to email and post these letters by 23rd May.

When we share the letters with groups other than the MEPs themselves, we will not include addresses but will include individual names.

If you disagree with the wording of the letter or would like to have a different emphasis, we welcome any groups or individuals sending their own letter.

In addition to this, we hope to meet with Richard Corbett MEP shortly before the vote. He has agreed in principle. We will share the date, time and location when it has been arranged.

The next meeting of Yorkshire and Humber Network Against TTIP will take place on 13th June. All details are here




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