Join us 20/6/15: the Climate Bloc at the End Austerity Now! National Demonstration

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“Climate change in many ways offers us the most powerful argument we have ever had against this brutal logic of austerity” Naomi Klein

If the General Election did not produce the government you were hoping for, why not tell them so?

The People’s Assembly have organised a march against austerity on 20th June.

They say:

With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect. More nasty, destructive cuts to the things ordinary people care about- the NHS, the welfare state, education and public services.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is calling a major national demonstration & festival on Saturday 20 to send a clear message to the Tory government; we demand an alternative to austerity and to policies that only benefit those at the top.

We’ll be assembling the demonstration in the heart of the City of London right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place, the banks and their friends in Westminster. We demand that the bankers and elite should pay for the crisis and not the vasty majority who had nothing to do with it.

The Campaign Against Climate Change is organising a Climate Bloc (, clear that proposals like a ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ or ‘National Climate Service’ are incompatible with austerity (  as is the energy efficiency spending suggested by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign (

Indeed, Naomi Klein has stated ( that it was austerity that dictated that flood defences, jobs and infrastructure be cut, exacerbating the 2013-14 flooding crisis.

We’ll be travelling by train from Huddersfield and you’re welcome to join us! At the moment tickets are only £22 each way but will become more expensive soon!

Here are our details, including coach and seats:

Outward – Saturday 20th June 2015
Depart Arrive Seating Travel by



Manchester Piccadilly

Coach A, Seat 34 (Aisle) Transpennine Express

Manchester Piccadilly


London Euston

Quiet Coach A, Seat 03 (Aisle) Virgin Trains


Return – Saturday 20th June 2015
Depart Arrive Seating Travel by

London Euston


Manchester Piccadilly

Quiet Coach A, Seat 04 (Window) Virgin Trains

Manchester Piccadilly



Coach A, Seat 18 (Aisle) Transpennine Express

Please note: there’s a slight discrepancy in times. The People’s Assembly say the event will finish at 3pm but the Campaign Against Climate Change says it will end at 5pm. We’ve erred on the side of caution and gone for a train at 17.20pm.


If you feel that protest is pointless, given the government’s mandate for austerity, have a look at Tim Padmore’s musings on this matter:

The people have spoken: now shut up?







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