Huddersfield joins 31 other towns and cities in UK’s contribution to Global Day of Action against TTIP



Thank you to people who joined us fliering in Saturday as part of the Global Day of Action on TTIP on 18th April.

Thousands of people took part in more than 700 actions across the world to protest against a new generation of neoliberal trade agreements that are threatening to undermine democracy.

We distributed  38 Degrees and Global Justice Now fliers to the public. These asked the public to sign up to the European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA.

You can see 38 Degrees’  latest flier (‘Public Services Not for Sale’) here

We also contacted the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Colne Valley constituency to ask them to oppose TTIP. (For responses received from PPCs to the 38 degrees e-action and responses received from MEPs to Global Justice Now’s February e-action , please see below.)

In the UK, Global Justice Now supporters and other activists took to the street, from Brighton to Aberdeen, in 32 towns and cities to put an end to the EU-US trade agreement TTIP.

London protesters targeted some of the corporations that could use TTIP to grab control of our NHS, our food and our environment. In Glasgow, campaigners illustrated the dangers of TTIP with corporate puppet masters.

More about events around the country on 18th April:


Responses received from PPCs for the Colne Valley constituency:

38 Degrees April TTIP General Election e-petition text

TTIP response Chas Ball (PPC, Green Party)

TTIP Response Jane East (PPC, Labour Party)

TTIP response Paul Salveson (PPC, Yorkshire First)


Responses received from MEPs (to Global Justice Now e-action February 2015):

Global Justice Now February MEP TTIP email text

Amjad Bashir MEP (Conservative)

Mike Hookem and Jane Collins MEPs (UKIP)

Timothy Kirkhope MEP (Conservative)

Linda McAvan MEP (Labour)



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