Join us 1/4/15: Don’t be fooled by franchises! Protest at Huddersfield train station

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Wednesday April 1st will be the 21st anniversary of the decree to privatise the rail service and network.

Around the country dozens of events will mark this date and demand that the railways be returned to public ownership. They have been co-organized by Bring Back British Rail, Campaign Against Climate Change and the TSSA trade union.

The full list of stations where actions will be happening can be seen on


We will be handing out flyeroutside Huddersfield train station in St George’s Square from 5pm-6.30pm.

Feel free to turn up but if you would like to be informed of any changes or cancellations please email us your mobile phone number by Monday 30th March 12p.m.

January 5th went very well with over twenty campaigners attending and a lot of public interest, so let’s make this equally successful.

Public ownership of the railways is popular and would solve many of its problems.

66% of people in the UK support public ownership of the rail companies and network according to a YouGov poll.

In Europe, between 80 and 100% of passenger train services are provided by the public sector.

Research suggests that the costs of privatisation have been more than £11bn of public funds. If all unnecessary costs were eliminated, the resultant saving could be used to reduce fares. This would equate to a cut in fares of 18%.

The challenge of climate change means that we need more people and freight travelling by train because its carbon footprint is significantly lower than car and lorry.

Publicly owned rail would allow for lower fares –making it an affordable alternative to the car- and for governments to co-ordinate transport more effectively because it would be run for the public good and not to deliver maximum profits for shareholders.

For more information and references see coverage our January 5th event

For more information about our ECO-nomy campaign and the role of rail campaigning within it, please see



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