General Election 2015: Ask the candidates the climate question – 10 (+25…+4…+…) questions

General election

We would like constituents to be able to make an informed choice at the ballot box – with a clear idea of the parties’ policies on climate change and the environment. One of the ways they can do this is by attending election hustings and asking ‘the climate question’.

We’ve talked with other organisations and have produced ten possible questions on climate change and the environment (Election hustings questions).

We’ve also included a link to a Sheffield Climate Alliance page with another twenty five questions( . Additionally, the Centre for Alternative Technology has produced a Climate Manifestometer.

We hope you find these documents useful – wherever you are based.

[Since we completed our questions:

–  Biofuelwatch contacted us to provide four more election hustings questions (Biofuelwatch General Election hustings questions).

– Fuel Poverty Action, whose compelling  ‘Energy Bill of Rights’ we have recently promoted contacted us to let us  know about their hustings questions. You can read them here]

Under each of our questions there are links that give you the opportunity to read more about the subject.

We’ll be focusing our questions on the Colne Valley constituency. The Colne Valley hustings are listed below.

Colne Valley Election Hustings will be happening at several places including:

Further details nearer to the event, all take place in the evening

We have contacted the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to ask them to provide written responses to the first five questions. We will publish these on our website on Wednesday 15th April.

It would be good if across the hustings candidates and audiences would have the opportunity to engage with at least some of these questions.

If anyone would be interested in asking one of the questions we’ve provided, we’d be really interested to hear from them.

We would like to provide updates through our Weekly News newsletter each Monday on the questions that have been asked.

Of course, these thirty five questions are not exhaustive and individuals may well have their own preferred questions. We’d be interested to hear about them and whether you were able to ask them at a hustings.

Whilst we await publication of party manifestos, you may be interested to read:

  1. Friends of the Earth’s analysis of the climate agenda in different parties, produced at the end of 2014.
  2. An analysis of the UK party leaders’ joint climate pledge.

* Disclaimer:

Although the Huddersfield University event (27/3/15) has been described by some as a hustings, we’ve received information about it which suggests it’s not quite a conventional hustings. It has speakers from different constituencies and it looks like it has a specific focus on young people. Nor does it use the word ‘hustings’.  Please take this as a ‘disclaimer’ should you try to attend and ask a question about climate change.



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