JOIN US 11th April: first network meeting of Stop TTIP! Yorkshire and Humber


We’ve been discussing with other groups in the region the idea of forming a ‘Stop TTIP Yorkshire and Humber network’.

The idea is that people could share experiences, co-ordinate lobbying of MEPs and come together for learning or action.

The first meeting of the network will take place on Saturday 11th April from 12pm to 4pm at Leeds Tidal offices. Here are directions to get to Leeds Tidal.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in joining a working group on preparing for that day.

It is expected that the vote in the European Parliament on TTIP will take place sometime between 18 and 21 May. There will be a Day of Action on TTIP on 18th April which will probably be supported by the big organisations like 38 Degrees.

If you would like to read more about how TTIP could threaten environmental regulations and action on climate change see

In the meantime here are two new e-petitions on TTIP…

To MEPs:

To World leaders:




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