General Election 2015: Consensus and choice on climate change…

Leaders' pledge

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day thousands of people showed their love for things that could be affected by climate change.

More than half a million people watched the Climate Coalition’s film of a Shakespeare sonnet. You can watch it here

They were joined by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband who made a joint pledge to work together to act on climate change and take steps towards ending coal power.

In particular, they committed:

  • to seek a fair, strong, legally binding, global climate deal which limits temperature rises to below 2C
  • to work together, across party lines, to agree carbon budgets in accordance with the Climate Change Act
  • to accelerate the transition to a competitive, energy-efficient low-carbon economy and to end the use of unabated coal for power generation

You can watch the video about the pledge here

Of course, this is great news and to the credit of those leaders. BBC analysis of the pledge to work together can be read here

However, there remain differences between the parties at the General Election – on renewable energy, fracking and investment in climate jobs. (And let’s not forget that there are more than three parties in contention!) Between now and the General Election we hope to share some of those differences between parties to help to inform your choice at the ballot box.

As a start, we wanted to share with you Friends of the Earth analysis of the political parties from their ‘Earth matters’ magazine.

FoE General Election party agendas pg 1

FoE General Election party agendas pg 2

Friends of the Earth have given permission for us to use it but have pointed out that it was produced at the end of 2014 so may not be up-to-date, particularly once the manifestos have been produced.

We will be providing further information, and possibly organising events related to the General Election in due course.

In the meantime please join with us at the ‘Time to Act’ demonstration on Saturday 7th March

Two months before the election, thousands of people will be saying to all politicians and candidates seeking election:

“We know what needs to be done; the solutions are here now. Climate must be at the top of every politician’s agenda”.




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