Thank you Jason McCartney and Mike Wood MPs for supporting amendment calling for a moratorium on fracking


Thank you to everyone who contacted their local MP in support of amendments to the Infrastructure Bill.

We would like to pay tribute to local MPs Jason McCartney (Jason McCartney response 27.01.15) and Mike Wood who were among the 52 MPs who supported the amendment calling for a moratorium on fracking.

The full list of MPs who voted with them is here

Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman produced a statement that he was ‘supporting’ a moratorium on fracking  which we wrongly interpreted as possibly voting for the amendment.

Barry Sheerman has been in touch (Barry Sheerman response 28.01.15) to state that he did not vote in support for the amendment but that he supported Labour’s amendments – accepted by the government – that will demand greater environmental controls on fracking.

You can read Damian Carrington’s analysis of the impact of these changes in The Guardian on

KCCC’s view is that, while these are welcome, they are no substitute for a moratorium.

Dewsbury MP, Simon Reevell was the only Kirklees MP to vote against the moratorium. In the week before the vote, he set out his position in response to a constituent’s letter on fracking and the Infrastructure Bill (Simon Reevell response 20.01.15 and Simon Reevell response 05.02.15).

The way that Jason McCartney and Mike Wood voted is to their credit but it’s also due in part to the way many constituents communicated their concerns to them. If you were one of them – well done!




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