Constructive response from Jason McCartney on TTIP


On 17th January we met with Jason McCartney to express our concerns about TTIP and to ask him to support the European Citizen’s Initiative calling for an end to negotiations.

You can read about the meeting and read supporting materials here:

The meeting was constructive and Jason McCartney’s response (Jason McCartney response 26.1.15) has been positive. However, he did not agree with the lobby ask, stating that “I do not believe that negotiations should be stopped with the USA on TTIP. There are many positives that would come from such a deal benefiting both exporting businesses and for consumers giving more choice and potentially cheaper goods”

However, he did accept that there are issues about secrecy and ratification that need to be addressed. Jason McCartney also said that he hopes the ISDS continues to be “off the negotiating table”. As ISDS is such a key part of the TTIP proposal, this is very encouraging.

Furthermore, Jason McCartney stated that he thinks TTIP should be subject to final ratification by the UK parliament.

We were joined at the meeting by Chas Ball of the Green Party.

Shortly after, Chas spoke on Kirklees TV about TTIP. You can watch him here


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